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We're ONE year old today!!
We're ONE year old today!!
By: Namita Ved

It’s unbelievable how time flies so soon. Barely a year back iMedia Connection was incepted by the founding team of NetworkPlay & today was when we announced its launch on the 1st day of ad:tech New Delhi. From being a trade portal which started off publishing generic news under Marketing, Internet, Advertising, Mobile, DTH, Social Media – practically everything that could be covered under the digital gamut, we gradually got actively involved in daily news material that would help visitors get a sense of our industry’s on-goings. We’ve been very fairly vocal about positioning iMedia Connection as a destination for marketers & digital media professionals where the content would help them learn new things happening in & around our industry. The portal has been a great support to our homegrown events like iMedia Brand Summit Goa & ad:tech New Delhi.

With over 2000 posts, 70 exclusive industry interviews & presentations and thoughtful contributions in the form of blogs by veterans, iMedia Connection has climbed the graph steadily & classily. Year two is going to witness active reporting, multi event coverage, more interviews, rise in blogs submitted by marketers, reports & much more!

Here’s wishing iMedia Connection India its first Birthday. May this mark the beginning of many more such years to come.