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Is Internet Advertising giving TV Advertising a run for its money?
Is Internet Advertising giving TV Advertising a run for its money?
By: iMedia News Bureau

Technology is driving some dramatic shifts that will change the face of business and change the fundamentals of marketing and advertising in particular. 

Only twenty years ago, our access was bounded by the books we owned, the TV shows we watched, and the books in our library. Today, because of the web we’re seeing an exponential increase in the amount of information that we have an access to.           

The world has shifted from 21 inch TV screen, to small screens of laptops, tablets and smartphones. The most traditional forms of advertising are on the verge of extinction. It took the cable three decades to dominate upfront advertising while the small screens are doing it in less than a decade.

The popularity of the Internet as a new media channel has exploded in recent years, attributed mostly to faster, more reliable and more affordable broadband connections. More and more advertisers are shifting from traditional advertising channels and going online in order to maximize audience exposure and capture a bigger share of this growing market.

There are mainly two types of advertising, performance and brand based advertising. While the latter is yet to catch up on digital, the former is working terrifically here, and the growing job portals and real estate portals are proof that this dynamic is shifting from print to digital.

Indian companies are more confident about internet advertising as a platform and many are ready to commit advertising budgets in the new marketing channel for this year and in years to come. The rapid growth of the Internet in the nation as well as the growing popularity of social media networks are prompting commercial and business advertisers to expand their marketing initiatives to include Internet advertising – and take Indian businesses to a whole new level.

It is said that the year 2012 is the year of the online video. There are currently 35-40 million users of online video in India and YouTube generates around 25 million unique users a month. In the age of consumer empowerment, one can't afford to dump TV ads online

India is an emerging web-based ad market as well. With the iOS, Android and Symbian OS on smartphones, the click-through rates on mobile advertising is growing exponentially.

The digital advertising industry, currently valued at Rs 1,500 crore and is growing at 35-40 per cent year on year.

According to a recent advertising industry survey, it was revealed that Internet advertising will be generating $428 billion revenues this year. This is a whooping amount in comparison to the last year’s $220 billion. It has been now proved that approximately 21% of Internet users consider online advertising to be the most relevant advertising system. Internet advertising has overtaken other traditional advertising media such as newspapers, magazines and radio.

Social networks are serious contenders for mobile advertising and commerce rupees, they account for one in every five minutes online globally and reaching 82% of the world’s Internet users (or 1.2 billion users), according to comScore.