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My thoughts on FB buying instagram
My thoughts on FB buying instagram
By: Senthilkumar Rajappan

It was a night of madness if you call it with the announcement of Facebook buying Instagram for 1 Billion USD. Well the geography did matter because it was morning out there in US and it took this FB update to become what was probably the most happening acquisition in recent times.

The whole world was on overdrive what with multiple news barrages coming from every news source you could think of. Mashable, Tech Crunch and Huffiington and all mainstream websites took note and it created such a massive trend in the twitter and other social media forums.

The reactions were there for all to see, the FB fans went gaga over such an acquisition which they believe that this will enhance the FB’s already photo sharing abilities. For me too FB has been more of a photo album apart from occasional updates on the statuses. I use twitter to express more than with a constricted 140 character limit. And I use it happily dishing out the news which I come across and more than that adding my comments wherever possible. Ofcourse you could also add retweets to it.

Within minutes the other side who were opposed also made their stance clear, angst against this announcement also snowballed to another big trend with even lead stories suggesting how to do a back up of the Instagram pictures in case you are deleting it.

Now if you are asking why would people denounce this acquisition, here are some of the reasons which they said. FB and its privacy policies are not the best ever. Instagram and FB are two different genres for them and it makes no sense to merge them. One another idea suggested was now all the picture you took and which are on Instagram belonged to FB. I think this was clearly defined in the status update by Mark Zuckerberg where he had said this will be run as it is and the status quo was atleast maintained.

But coming to the facts, I think there were some of the best arguments and reading into the circumstances under which FB had to acquire Instagram. I like this one by Om Malik which closely suggested how wary FB was with the way Instagram was growing in the mobile space and how FB was actually losing the plot. You need to read his transaltion of what Mark wrote to fully understand his tone.

There were lighter moments with tweets which said they were taking you live to Instagram office where the meme pic showed someone counting cash all over the place. It was also great to see how a startup with just six employees had made this happen. Goes to show when you have world class products at the heart of it and make million people use it then ofcourse it doesn’t matter even if you don’t earn a penny.

Not to forget the last week has been memorable for Instagram with the $ 500M valuation and a $ 50 M funding and more so the android rollout and a million downloads in the first 24 hours!

I think this announcement will boost the entire overall apps marketplace and is sure to see many more acquisitions in the pipeline in the next few days.

Most important lesson for me is that Mobile will replace the desktop ecosystem sooner than we thought.