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Tired of Facebook TimeLine? (Pin)View It Like Pinterest
Tired of Facebook TimeLine? (Pin)View It Like Pinterest
By: Bikram K Singh

Two changes in our social web has created a big ripple in the recent time – one was Facebook Timeline and another was Pinterest, which is regarded as the next big thing on the web. In fact, it is already one of the biggest change agents of the recent time.

No other single entity has brought about as much change on the web, in the last year, as did Pinterest. It has twitter-like effect. It has not only created a all-new field of “for Pinterest” websites, apps, and web services, but it has also encouraged others to create their own Pinterest-like websites – Gentlemint, MingleWing, etc. And this is not all, Pinterest has exerted a tremendous influence on web design as well.

If so much is changing because of Pinterest, how can Facebook, the ultimate hangout place of the world, remain untouched? The first impact that Pinterest caused on Facebook was in form of Friendsheet, which took photos from your Facebook wall and albums and presented them in a Pinterest-like wall. It made browsing and discovering photographs much easier.

The latest one is called PinView, which took the idea of Friendsheet one step further. It took the entire Facebook wall, shook it, and converted it into Pinterest (see my wall below).

PinView displays items from your timeline, news feed, friends’ list, and multimedia pages, in the same way Pinterest displays pin boards. When turning your Facebook wall into a Pinterest-like wall, PinView retain all the features of Facebook, i.e., like, comment, and share.

It is interesting to see how things are changing. It is not just the direction of change, in social media, what is important but the accelerative thrust. The speed is enough to give any person a dizzying effect. The Pinterest-effect is taking the world by storm. The non-linear design is influencing designers all over. There was a similar design made for Quora, which I personally never saw, but saw pictures of it doing rounds on the web.

PinView looks cool, but it would be interesting to see if it passes the threshold and make a permanent place in people’s life. The application is new, so out of curiosity, many people is going to test it, but the real test of the longevity of this application will be when the novelty factor wanes out. If it continues to interest people beyond that point than it could be termed as a success, but not before that. We have seen many such wonders come and go.

Despite all the nice look and feel of PinView, one thing that I am puzzled about is: why people will want their Facebook wall to be like Pinterest? If they want Pinterest they will go there, and not come to Facebook.

Let’s think over it.