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Twitter revamps its mobile site - Gives users a faster mobile experience
Twitter revamps its mobile site - Gives users a faster mobile experience
By: iMedia News Bureau

Mobile users have a reason to rejoice as microblogging site Twitter has upgraded its mobile site. According to Twitter, the idea behind this update is to “give every person on the planet a consistent Twitter experience.” Because of this, the company says, the new version of the mobile site now uses one-third less bandwidth than the previous iteration and should work significantly better on feature phones, older browsers and low-bandwidth connections. This new version will start rolling out today.

Satya Patel, Twitter’s Vice President of product, said on the company’s blog:

Today we’re updating Twitter for mobile web ( in an effort to give every person on the planet a consistent Twitter experience. People who access Twitter from feature phones, low-bandwidth networks or older browsers can now enjoy the new version of Twitter we introduced in December.

Patel also stated that, similar to the iPhone and Android Twitter websites, the new mobile Twitter will be faster than its previous iteration. All of these changes to Twitter’s mobile web site will begin rolling out today.

The website is now organized into four channels that should be familiar:

Home: Displays all the tweets from the accounts you follow.

Connect: See tweets in which you were mentioned.

Discover: See what’s trending based on your connections, location and language.

Me: View your direct messages and your own tweets.

It makes sense that Twitter is actively supporting feature phones and simple, low-signal devices. Smartphones have not yet dominated the industry completely: feature phones are still a large portion of the cell phone market. Of course, the parts of the world where Twitter can be an effective communication tool are the same parts where feature phone use is most widespread.