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Study: Google outshines Facebook in mobile web
Study: Google outshines Facebook in mobile web
By: iMedia News Bureau

According to a report by comScore, the popular online and mobile research company, Google is the number one site which attracted 93 million of the 97 million Americans using their smartphones for the Internet.

The Mobile Metrix 2.0 report reveals that Google is trailed by Facebook, which had around 78 million unique visitors, or about 80% of smartphone users; followed by Yahoo! (66 million) Amazon (44 million) and Wikimedia which includes the Wikipedia site (39 million).

What’s interesting about these numbers, however, is that smartphone users accessed these sites from apps, rather than web browsers about 80% of the time.

This is a trend followed for most sites listed in the chart seen below. It appears that smartphone users prefer to segregate their web browsing by using app interfaces and overlays. Twitter saw an even higher percentage of time spent with apps at 96.5 per cent of all minutes.

ComScore also compared the most popular mobile apps for iOS and Android users. The most popular app was Apple iTunes with 32 million users, followed by Google Maps with 29 million and Facebook with 26 million.

The study also looked at social networking properties by audience size, a measurement determined by both app usage and mobile site visitors. In this case, Facebook was an easy winner, with the average Facebook mobile user engaging for over 7 hours via browser or app in March. Twitter saw 25.6 million mobile users, engaging for nearly 2 hours during the month.

The newly hot image pinboarding site Pinterest reached 7.5 million smartphone visitors who engaged with the brand for nearly an hour.

With Smartphone markets booming in India, a growth from around eight million units in 2011 to around 18-19 million units in 2012, is expected. Also more and more smartphone giants are eyeing Indian markets. The latest example of which is Samsung which has announced yesterday that it hopes to increase its share in Indian smartphone market to 60 per cent in the current year.