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BlackBerry Ventilated - Race Against Time for Survival
BlackBerry Ventilated - Race Against Time for Survival
By: Bikram K Singh

BlackBerry, once the cherished possession of corporate warriors is facing extinction. It is on the verge of dying. The stock value of RIM (BlackBerry’s parent company) has hit the bottom to touch $15 per share from its peak $150 per share in 2008.

Once known for delivering emails within fraction of seconds via a secure channel BlackBerry has lost that edge, and no one is dying to become “the BlackBerry Boy”. And this is happening the time when mobile market is witnessing a double-digit growth. The dream run of BlackBerry which started in 1999 is nearing an end, and the end is not something the Canadian Firm RIM would have imagined just a handful of years back.

Why people are disenchanted with BlackBerry

In one line RIM committed the same mistake which Palm OS did around 2009, and Nokia did with Symbian OS. All three of these fallen giants took market for granted and failed to innovate.

Palm OS which, at its peak in 2000, was valued at $950 per share plunged to an oval zero at the end of the product curve around 2009-10. The same happened with Symbian, and now BlackBerry is following the similar trajectory. The recent financial report from the company has talked about a net loss of $15 million in the last quarter.

The company which was known for its innovative email technology, secure server, and QWERTY keypad has not innovated past the first bout of innovation that it did at the beginning of its life cycle. Meanwhile, rest of the world changed, players like Apple and Samsung plunged into the crowded market and made its presence felt in the market. The innovative iPhones, and copycat Samsung phones, copying seems to be in the blood of Korean products, have captured 99% of the mobile market, whereas, giants like BlackBerry and Nokia has bitten the dust (see the infographic below to see the fatal path BlackBerry took).

Death of RIM


Just a secure email is not going to anymore impress the business users who are as human as everyone else, so RIM needs to make the device more attractive and fun to use.

If you are a diehard BlackBerry fan than all is not lost. There is a piece of good news in the offing. The tale of BlackBerry is not over yet. There could be a possible revival, and perhaps it has already started. RIM has won back the U.S. Military, which has approved the use of BlackBerry 7 Smartphones for use on secure military network.

Will it be the straw which a drowning man will clutch at?