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Twitter to deliver Weekly Highlights of your top feeds via Email
Twitter to deliver Weekly Highlights of your top feeds via Email
By: iMedia News Bureau

Twitter is going beyond 140 character limit and creeping into your mail box. The microblogging site has unveiled a weekly email digest option that sends the best of Twitter to your inbox.

This digest email will include the most relevant tweets in your network along with the most engaging tweets seen by people you follow. The email digest, which will start appearing in users’ inbox over the next few weeks, is designed to emulate the “Discover” tab in Twitter’s mobile apps. The idea is to feature the “best” content that appears on the network, even if it was written or promoted by folks you don’t follow.

Tweets are displayed as they are on Twitter and the email includes tweets that captured the imagination of those a user follows, even if the user doesn't follow the person who actually sent the tweet. Users can see who among your followees retweeted or favorited those tweets, and retweet, favorite, reply to, or read the chatter around them yourself as well.

The launch of the email digest is based on technology that Twitter acquired from Summify, which enabled users to create personalized social media digests. The release also comes just a few days after Twitter finalized a deal to acquire RestEngine, which could help improve the offering over time.

Twitter's 140 million active usersusers will receive the email digest as it rolls out over the next few weeks. To opt out, users will have to manually change their email preferences in their Twitter settings.