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YouTube celebrates seventh birthday
YouTube celebrates seventh birthday
By: iMedia News Bureau

With 820 million unique users every month, 4 billion people are watching videos on YouTube every day. Albeit, the Google owned online video site may not be getting the massive footage like that of Facebook and Twitter, it has one of the largest numbers of users who upload 72 hours (3 days) video every minute.

Founded by three PayPal employees, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim in San Mateo, California, YouTube was acquired by Google on 6 October 2006.

In the past seven years, YouTube’s functionality and layout has helped businesses organize their content and users find the most relevant media. A free platform for anyone and everyone, YouTube gives smaller brands an opportunity to present themselves on a large scale and have a fair chance in the competitive market.

Additionally, the ways in which companies can record and upload videos has changed as well. Thanks to the Flip Camera and iPhone alone, taking video and uploading it to YouTube is as easy as ever. The accessibility, affordability and availability of video editing software has improved making it more likely that videos can be created, edited and uploaded without having to enlist an army of videographers or expensive software.

In January, YouTube said that 4 billion videos are viewed on the site each day. At the time, it also said 60 hours of video were being uploaded each minute.

As the official YouTube blog puts it, YouTube is now uploading “61 Royal Wedding Ceremonies, 841 Bad Romances, and 1,194 Nyan Cats,” which is more of any of those things than you could ever conceivably want.

The blog added, "all 800 million of you all over the world have shown us we're on the right track by increasing subscriptions 50 percent and watching over three billion hours a month."

YouTube has been gradually adding professional content such as full-length television shows and movies to its vast trove of amateur video offerings in a bid to attract advertisers.

YouTube's latest original content channel, HUNGRY which goes live on July 2, is expected to feature a freewheeling blend of how-to and celebrity-driven food videos.

The venture is part of the Google Inc.-owned video site's plan to launch roughly 100 channels of niche-oriented programming. Earlier this month, YouTube pledged to spend some $200 million to help market those channels across Google and its advertising network.

Earlier this month, YouTube announced the launch of several other channels, including Wigs, which will focus on scripted dramas for women; and Team USA, which will feature content ahead of the 2012 Olympic Games.

To commemorate the occasion YouTube had posted a video with some of the crazy statistics and incredible things which have been a part of in that time. The video also features some mind-boggling statistics.