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Google Chrome surpasses Internet explorer as Web's most used browser
Google Chrome surpasses Internet explorer as Web's most used browser
By: iMedia News Bureau

After being the number one search engine, Google has also taken the crown of being world’s best browser. According to latest report by StatCounter, Google’s web browser Google Chrome has put a halt to the long reign of Microsoft Corp.’s Internet Explorer.

After years of slowly chipping away Internet Explorer’s market share, Chrome took the lead with 32.76 percent share while IE dipped to 31.94 percent.

Just a year ago, Internet Explorer was leading the Web browser market share with 43 percent, followed by Mozilla Firefox with 29 percent and Chrome was third with 19 percent. Twelve months later, IE has lost 12 percent of the browser market share while Chrome gained 13 percent to the detriment of IE and Firefox which also lost about 4 percent of its users and now comes in at just over 25 percent.

However, IE is still king in most other regions, though, for obvious reasons like it is the default web browser for Windows machines which still constitute about 90% of the world’s computers. Tech-savvy Internet users tend to prefer Chrome due to its minimal user interface and loading speed. Google Chrome is likely headed to the iPhone. Google's browser could arrive on the Apple handset later this summer.

Google Chrome has come on leaps and bounds since launched in 2008. Extensions are a key part of the browser’s appeal with the latest additions including a scheduler for Google+ a Pinterest like script.

Google is big on internationalizing its service and Chrome is now different. For example, it’s My Chrome Theme social tool just became available in 36 more languages to help increase its appeal across the planet.

Regardless of whether Chrome can maintain its momentum over the rest of May to top the month’s use, Chrome is on the up and we’d expect it to reign supreme in the Web browser world sooner rather than later.