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Facebook Timeline Undergoing A Make Over
Facebook Timeline Undergoing A Make Over
By: Bikram K Singh

One of the most hated new features of Facebook, timeline is undergoing some cosmetic changes. The social networking giant has rolled out the new design for a handful of selected users. As reported by Taking PointMemo, the company has confirmed this change but didn’t reveal the number of people included in the testing of the new timeline.

In the New timeline, Facebook has moved the user information (about section) up on top of the cover image and to make the details stand out, the font color has been changed to white (see images below)

New timeline


Old timeline


There are two more changes to the timeline. A new tab “Summary” has been added and “Likes” tab has been replaced by “Favorites”. “Summary” tab will contain major “Life Events” from a person’s profile.

The tabs have been compressed and moved in the empty space closer to the profile picture. Timeline tabs have also undergone a serious makeover, which helped FB streamline the design of the “timeline”.

The new timeline looks visually more pleasing and in this design, the cover image gets more prominent, as the visually distracting tabs have been removed by the more subtle tabs, which, instead of drawing unnecessary attention, will merge in the background of the page. The new design gives a sense of open space, unlike the old one, which looked cluttered.

Will new timeline be accepted?

The current version of Facebook timeline has miffed the majority of users. In a study conducted by SodaHead, it was found that only 20% of users liked timeline, whereas, a whooping 70% disliked it, and the rest 10% never used it.

Although youth also didn’t like the idea of timeline, it faced more resistance from elderly people. Only 10% of people over 65 liked it, whereas, 30% of Facebook users between 18-24 voted favorably for the timeline. The hatred for timeline was not from any one sex, both male and female hated it equally (77% each).(Read A Facebook Story of Love, Hate, and Suspicion and scroll down half the way to see the infographic for the same).

With this design will Facebook be successful to persuade the dissenters, which happens to be almost 3/4th of its total audience, to like timeline? We need to wait and see the full-fledge inclusion of the new feature. It is currently in the test mode.