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Exclusive: Reliance Blue Bot campaign grabbing eyeballs
Exclusive: Reliance Blue Bot campaign grabbing eyeballs
By: iMedia News Bureau

The idea of using a renowned face, celebrity or a sports figure in an advertisement took a paradigm shift when India was struck by the Zoozoo wave. Using simple white characters to endorse Vodafone’s value added services projected the fact that endorsements can go beyond brand ambassadors.

Reliance’s latest Blue Bot campaign is one such example which brings back the long due freshness in an advertisement. Recently, Reliance Communication partnered with Google to exclusively market Android devices in India. The campaign embodies the green Android BOT changing its colour to become Blue BOT.

The company has rolled out 20 3D animated TV commercials of which 10 are already on-air. Talking about the campaign exclusively to iMedia Connection, Shivani Suri Dhanda, Deputy General Manager - Brand & Marketing, Reliance Communications limited said, “The concept of this campaign depicts how every (Green) Android BOT wants to turn blue because only “BLUE BOTs” on Reliance 3G are empowered to enable a superlative Smartphone experience to the end users. The first set of commercials depicted the Green Android Bot’s attempt to turn blue through various methods. The second series of TVCs for this campaign is on how the Reliance Blue Bot enables a superior Smartphone experience illustrated through popular Google Mobile Services like YouTube, Google+, Google Maps and Google Play amongst others”.

When asked about the partnership with Google’s Android, Dhanda said, “Android is currently the fastest growing Smartphone operating system (OS) worldwide. It competes with other OS such as iOS (Apple), Blackberry OS, Symbian (Nokia), Bada (Samsung), etc. Through this partnership, Reliance Communications will market the Android mobile operating system and Google Mobile Services in order to promote the usage of Android devices in the country”.

The brand is also exploring various other social media platforms to drive this campaign. The customized “Be Blue Application” has been built for a multiplayer game on Facebook, where fans play using Facebook tools like friend requests sent and accepted, status updates, photo and video tags, etc, to turn their personalized Android Bot from green to blue. Whoever turns it blue faster stands to win Blue Bot merchandise and 3G Smartphones every week. 

Reliance plans to release the first-ever augmented reality-based online game app, where through a QR code, users will see the blue bot coming alive, dancing next to them. The users have to match its steps using commands on their keyboard. Apart from banner properties on various websites, Reliance has also rolled out a Twitter campaign, enabling consumers to tweet or upload videos and share their own way of going blue, using the hashtag #howyoublue?.

Talking about the partnership with Google Dhanda said, “It is the first time that Google has partnered with a Telecom operator outside of the mature telecom markets like USA, Australia and Japan. The contract is a 2 year partnership with an option to extend it further at the end of the 2 year period”.

Google’s move to partner with an Indian telecom partner indicates its interest in the potential Indian market.  It is also a strategic step in further reinforcing its hold in the Android-crazy Indian market.  Google has previously got into such collaborations in mature markets like USA, Japan and Australia. In India, Google has chosen Reliance as its partner. Through this collaboration Reliance Communications will offer free 1GB usage per month 3G plan to all Android device users.