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The Retrospective Ad Brief - A Client's Guide
The Retrospective Ad Brief - A Client's Guide
By: Lakshmikant Gupta

“Authored by Lakshmikant Gupta - Chief Marketing Officer , LG Electronics India. This article is originally published here".  

Last week, we started a Share Your Thoughts session in our department. It’s simple – like in show-and-tell, every week one person from the team has to stand up and talk about something that impressed them or made them feel concerned. They can show it either as a video or powerpoint slides or just talk; give their point of view. And then everyone chips in to give their thoughts for 15-20 minutes. The whole meet is done in 30-45 minutes max.

Interesting session this morning:  Alok, a digital marketer, chose to showcase some memorable TV advertising. And just as I thought that he’d start analyzing the ads, he brought in a refreshing twist – what would have been the briefs for these ads?

Since I have done this before myself, I can say with certainty that it’s a good question to ponder. Whenever you see an ad that you really like, try writing the brief as if you have to create that ad. And then see how well you’re able to focus on the key selling points, the target audience, the tonality, the brand character.  The key in this exercise is that the final ad and your ‘retrospective brief’ should be a perfect match.

Then compare that brief with what you typically write in your briefs as a client to the ad agency. So, in your typical briefs:

  1. Are you tightly focused about the communication objective or do you leave it hazy?
  2. Are you spelling out the target group in vivid enough detail or do you just spell out demographics and pseudo-general insights?
  3. Are you sticking to a singular message or do you give in to greed needs of multiple messages?
  4. Are you giving them a great ‘switch factor’ about the product/ service to leverage?

It’s amazing how much better your own briefs become if you do a ‘Retrospective Brief’ every now and then.