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Yahoo pulls the plug on news app 'Livestand' six months after it debuted
Yahoo pulls the plug on news app 'Livestand' six months after it debuted
By: iMedia News Bureau

After ousting its latest CEO for fraudulent resume and after selling Chinese assets to Alibaba for $7 billion, Yahoo is now shutting down Livestand, an iPad app that only launched about six months ago.

Yahoo stated in its blog spot, “When we discontinue products, it will be so that we can focus on opportunities where we lead and where we can create the most meaningful experiences for people using our products  and for our partners, developers and advertisers. One of the first decisions we’ve made along these lines is to discontinue our personalized digital newsstand app, Livestand for iPad.”

The move comes from Yahoo when it told analysts last month that it could close or combine about 50 services that haven't been performing up to expectations.

Yahoo employees began building Livestand in 2010 but didn’t debut the application until November 2011, well after the popular iPad app “Flipboard” had already made a big splash among tablet and smartphone users. Flipboard became so popular that Apple named it as its "app of the year" for 2010.

The news reading app, which was positioned as a competitor to Flipboard, Zite, Editions by AOL, Pulse News and Google Currents served up content from various Yahoo verticals and content partners including Forbes and the NFL. It was also capable of delivering a more “personalized” set of news based on your Facebook activity and your reading habits.

The app enjoyed a modest degree of popularity: It averaged a four-star rating in the App Store from more than 1,900 reviews. By contrast, Flipboard has received 4.5 stars from 154,682 reviews, AOL Editions 4 stars from 6,169 ratings and Zite 4.5 stars among 5,606 ratings. The total number of downloads was not disclosed.

Yahoo now plans to put greater emphasis on its Axis mobile browser and its desktop browser extension both of which debuts this week with excellent reviews.  Axis is a visual “search browser” — a plug in for desktop browsers like Chrome and a standalone iOS app.