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Created or Curated Content, Which Road to Take?
Created or Curated Content, Which Road to Take?
By: Bikram K Singh

Content marketing is the hottest buzzword making its round in the marketing community, particularly in the online marketing community.It is seen as the next big thing, after social media, and lot of hype is being created around it, which is performing its hidden mandate of confusing people about the real nature of things. The same confusion is created around the nature of content to use for marketing purposes?

And this is not about the format of the content, but about the production mechanism of the content – whether an organization should create all the content for its audience or should it collect it from the web, organize it in a meaningful groups, and then serve it to its audience, giving due credit to the creators of those pieces of content. The latter is known as content curation.

There are people who believe that original content is the way to go, whereas, others claim why to reinvent the wheel, when a better, sexier, and robuster wheel has already been invented elsewhere by an expert.

Curated or created content

The answer to the above question varies from industry to industry. If creating fresh content is not the main business you are into then curated content will work for you, but if people come to your website for fresh content then you should create fresh content.

How do you know your industry type?

There is a simple way to answer this question. Ask yourself if your company is into an “idea industry” or a “product industry”? If you are in “idea industry” or on the philosophy side of your industry then creating original content with a little bit of curation is the way to go, but if you are into “product industry” or on the application side of your industry then content curation will work well for you.

Let’s take online marketing industry as an example to understand this concept. In this industry there are two types of companies:

  1. Information, analytics, research data, and software companies


            a. Ex: SEOMoz, HubSpot, etc

      2. SEO and digital marketing agencies that optimize clients’ websites for search ranking and online visibility.

If your company falls in the first category then churning out original content is what visitors to your websites expect from you, so you should create fresh contents, but if your business falls into second category then you can do well with content curation because your customers want more results from you and less theory.

It is important here to realize that even for companies in the latter category needs to exert their thought-leadership in their industries in order to establish them as anauthority in their markets, so creating content is also important for companies falling in this category.

Which way to go?

Although creating fresh and engaging content is the most important thing that you can do, you cannot possibly create meaningful content covering every corner of your industry, so it is wise to mix content curation with content creation. This will boost your customers’ engagement, which we all know, ends up in more leads followed by sales.