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Windows 8 Release Preview available for download
Windows 8 Release Preview available for download
By: iMedia News Bureau

The world’s computers run almost entirely on Windows and with the latest version of the software Microsoft is planning its biggest revolution in nearly 20 years. It’s essential because computers have changed almost beyond recognition but it’s a huge gamble too.

Windows 8, the much awaited operating system from Microsoft Corp. available for your testing pleasure. Windows 8 Release Preview the company's final prerelease of the forthcoming OS is now available for download in 14 different languages.

The final version of Windows 8 is expected to launch this fall. Since the Windows 8 Developer Preview, rolled out last September, millions of people have begun to use the product daily on both tablets and desktops or laptops; the final release will work on those devices. Other new apps in this release include a Bing Travel app, as well as Gaming and Music Xbox apps that integrate with Microsoft’s Zune music service.

The Release Preview rolled out brings with it some minor updates since the February preview. New apps like Sports, Travel and News are now available, as well as updates to apps that were released with the previous preview such as Mail, Calendar and Internet Explorer. The new preview's Internet Explorer app now supports and its split-screen viewing has been smoothed out, among other improvements.

Microsoft says that it will focus its resources before launching the final version of Windows 8 on improving the installation process, security and privacy, as well as device and software compatibility. As Microsoft’s President of its Windows Division Steven Sinofsky noted, his team “will still be changing Windows 8, as we have done in past releases of Windows.”

Microsoft’s solution with Windows 8 is to have both – a tablet operating system that it calls Metro sits alongside a fully fledged version of Windows 7. So for now if you want to run Word or Photoshop, for instance, you’ll use the existing desktop versions, but if you just want to casually browse the web, then Metro will be the better place to do it. Should Adobe bring their excellent Photoshop app to the Windows 8, however, you may be able to use it in Metro too.

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