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Facebook updates news feed with bigger photos for web
Facebook updates news feed with bigger photos for web
By: iMedia News Bureau

Facebook's status as the world's largest photo-sharing network has been the talk of the town recently, and the company's continuing to acknowledge the importance of pictures by tweaking and improving how it displays your shots.

After updating its mobile news feed last month, the social network has begun to brandish its new feed with larger photos on the iPhone, Android and web.

Specifically, Facebook says photos in the news feed will now be enlarged to up to 2x their previous size, and displayed in a new layout that can bring more photos from an album into the feed. Text in news feed posts is also going to be larger and wider spaced.

At the time of the mobile redesign, we said Facebook was taking a cue from Instagram and that the change could make browsing the mobile news feed a less tiring experience. Looks like Facebook wanted to improve the Web experience in the same way, making the news feed more of an enjoyable photo viewer on its own, rather than something that just points you to a photo album elsewhere on the site.

Besides enlarging all photos, the new display also changes how albums are seen. Now, it will show one large photo on top and three smaller photos on the bottom.

So if you’re squinting at the newsfeed and thinking something looks different, well, you’re right. And if you aren’t seeing any changes yet, just wait — again, it’s a gradual rollout and probably won’t be live for many users for several days.

This is the latest in Facebook's new focus on ramping up the use of photos on the site. In April, the company increased size of user’s profile photo to make them more pronounced.

Last month, it also launched its own camera app which is ‘inspired’ from its billion dollar buyout – Instagram.