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Reliance 3G gets Twitter 'FeelingBlue'
Reliance 3G gets Twitter 'FeelingBlue'
By: iMedia News Bureau

With millions of phones being manufactured every single day, it is extremely difficult to say or analyze which is better and which is just average. If that’s not all, service providers are behaving like scavengers and targeting present and potential customers with a plethora of offers which keep changing with every passing minute. Currently, the Android market is booming and the likes of Blackberries and iPhones have taken a backseat. Many mobile handset manufacturing companies have joined hands with Google since years and are coming up with innovative cell phones to woo the users. Now what can companies do to stand out amidst so much competition? A simple answer was provided by MEC in partnership with Mindshift Interactive when they activated the Reliance 3G social media campaign on Twitter as an extension to its mainline campaign “Be Blue” promoting the two-year collaboration with Google to exclusively market Android devices in India.

The need

Reliance 3G wanted to create a buzz in the digital arena as an extension to its mainline campaign “Be Blue” promoting the two-year collaboration with Google to exclusively market Android devices in India. The idea was to create a strong brand connect!

The thought

In continuation to the brand’s Facebook campaign on “Be Blue” that focused on Android and Reliance 3G services, this initiative used Twitter & its Influencers as the primary platform to create instant buzz for the brand, by engaging and interacting with the audience. The hashtag, #FeelingBlue, aimed to shift mindsets about feeling unhappy and blue, converting the emotion into a happy one. Monday was chosen as the appropriate day to activate the campaign because every individual comes across many #FeelingBlue moments on Monday mornings.

How they got people #FeelingBlue?

The witty tweets that created curiosity started coming in from 10:00 AM, Monday and within less than an hour there were 800 tweets that carried the hashtag #FeelingBlue. Right from the petrol price hike to sad songs being played on the iPod to reaching office on time on a Monday morning, all were being addressed by individuals as creating a #FeelingBlue moment. Brands like Channel [V], Radio Mirchi, Fast Track, amongst others, participated using the hashtag. Alongside, twitter influencers got curious and joined in the conversation too. As it struck 12:00 pm, influential tweeps cheered up and started turning the sentiment around, sharing what got them happy &how it was great to be #FeelingBlue. The buzz was leveraged further through the announcement of a contest where participants could win Android Smartphones.

The targeted influencers

Talking about the idea Zafar Rais, CEO of MindShift Interactive states, “#FeelingBlue was personal to us as a campaign as it focused upon creating a MindShift towards making Monday’s a happy affair. Our strategy for the campaign was to capitalize upon the mundane Monday mornings and make them happy. With a generic hashtag and without the brands twitter account, we took on the challenge and turned 98% of Indians who felt sad into feeling happy.” They targeted influencers who had more than 5000 followers on twitter and this idea proved to be beneficial in carrying the conversation forward. Some of the key influencers who were a part of the campaign were VJ Ranvijay, Channel [V] India, Miss Malini, TheTanmay, Twilightfairy, youthstaryuvi amongst others. This way the campaign went viral across various digital platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr to name a few.

The Outcome

#FeelingBlue created buzz, got India curious, made the world wonder & got everyone happy and cheerful on a Monday morning! The outcome of the campaign: 7,755 tweets by over 930 tweeps, using the hashtag, made it the No.1 trending topic in India for over 24 hours and No.2 worldwide while also achieving surpassing industry benchmarks, gaining a total Outreach of 8.1 Million users on twitterand successfully turned around the #feelingblue sentiment with 98% people using it to send out ‘happy’ tweets!



(#FeelingBlue trending at no. 1 in India from 28th May to 29th May 2012.

The hashtag also trended in various cities across the country)

Commenting on the digital campaign adopted by the brand, Shivani Suri Dhanda, Deputy GM, Brand & Marketing for Reliance Communications says, “Social media platforms like Twitter are an integral part of the digital universe that our customers traverse & we wanted to reach out to them. Our campaign objective was to amplify the Reliance Android ‘Be Blue’ campaign in a fun, engaging way and the creative and daring approach of turning the #FeelingBlue sentiment on its head did just that. We successfully raised curiosity, gave twitteratian experience to enjoy & achieved our campaign objective too.”

The Conclusion

Campaigns like these just prove that Twitter is as important as Facebook when it comes to brand awareness. The idea and the execution is what make the difference and not the platform! And as Twitter brings advertising and the concept of Promoted Tweets in India, the day is not far when brands will be eyeing Twitter first followed by other digital platforms. This further explains that digital is not just a BTL activity anymore but it is equally important as a mainline medium like a print or radio, etc.