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Tyroo and SeventyNine look forward to secure $10 million funding
Tyroo and SeventyNine look forward to secure $10 million funding
By: iMedia News Bureau

Two Smile Vun Group (SVG) companies viz; Tyroo and SeventyNine are on the verge of raising $10 million via venture capital and institutional funding.

SVG is an outcome of a joint venture between Vij's Vun Network and Harish Bahl's Smile Group. The company is planning to expand by making more acquisitions in the digital media space.

SVG is a the digital media group with companies such as Tyroo, Zoomtra and Quasar. Tyroo acquired DGM India, a subsidiary of ADH Plc, along with DGM India's Managing Director Anurag Gupta in April this year.

SeventyNine is a cross-platform Pay-for-Performance mobile network that offers a platform to enable app downloads and provides higher reach and visibility to brands, also soon bringing new media advertising formats on mobile. Launched in February, the company recently appointed Chirag Shah as a Co-Founder.

Tyroo is a digital ad network which has worked with global brands like Microsoft, Nokia, HP etc. It was launched in 2007 .

Smile Group is planning to focus on its e-commerce brands like FashionandYou, DealsandYou and Freecultr.