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Twitter tweets for partnerships through new TVC
Twitter tweets for partnerships through new TVC
By: iMedia News Bureau

Social media has been at the pinnacle with brands across the world lately. Every other brand wants and wishes for an exclusive social media presence with at least a few thousand fans on Facebook and a few thousand followers on Twitter. Lately, the statistics are being counted in these two lingos and Youtube views or Flickr or Myspace has taken a back seat for the time being. While Youtube or Flickr require phenomenal video or imagery content respectively, Facebook and Twitter are playing more with the emotional quotient of the fans and followers.

Facebook, for India, has been one great platform for advertisers as well as the end users and the prospective users. It provides the advertisers with features like paid campaigns, sponsored stories and more while twitter is yet to evolve in terms of paid campaigns and partnerships like Youtube. But like they say that better late than never and we think that twitter believes in getting the best for its tweeple and even better for brands. For the first time in History of the digital world, the micro blogging site Twitter has aired a series of 7 television commercials to promote its partnership with Nascar. Each commercial explains a specific point about the micro blogging site and how one can benefit and know more about the brand Nascar. Every ad features a URL at the end which is here.


(A brilliant start - This is how the #NASCAR page looks on Twitter)

These 15 second commercials were aired during the telecast of 10th June’s Pocono 400 Nascar race and focused on different activities around the race track. Each ad has a unique tagline to it highlighting the features of Twitter. The entire activity would just mean that the announcement of the hashtag pages made by the micro blogging site is finally executed, Nascar being the first one! This also means that zillions of brands who were till now just playing with hashtags can now have their own hashtag pages featuring the tweets using their tags from the twitterverse! Furthermore, what is to be seen is that what would Twitter charge the brands and will it have a multi-level partnership program?


(A bird in flight is the ultimate representation of freedom, hope and limitless possibility)

Just a few days back, twitter unveiled its new bird trademark which will be the symbol for the fast-growing company. The micro blogging site already has more than 140 million active users and the number is just increasing and is expected to soar even higher after the hashtag pages come into limelight!