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Survey: Naveen Tewari, CEO of InMobi declared as the second most important person in Mobile Advertising
Survey: Naveen Tewari, CEO of InMobi declared as the second most important person in Mobile Advertising
By: iMedia News Bureau

Today while every day there’s an innovation in advertising and marketing agencies, many freelancers are still thinking of better ways to help the brands. Advertisers want much more than just value for money and brand presence. Like companies give fringe benefits, in the same way advertisers ask for something more every time they pay off a bill! First, it was the mainstream media then we had new media comprising of digital media. Now there’s also a new segment of the new media which includes mobile apps, gaming and much more to enhance the overall user experience!

With mobile advertising recently reaching $5.3b in 2011 and expected to reach $11 billion in 2012, there are various BIG players who’re setting their foot in the global market. But as they say it’s not just service but its more sustenance through innovation.  So who are the most influential and important people in mobile advertising who’re responsible for bringing a revolution in the world of marketing? According to a recent survey by Business Insider Advertising Mobile Power List 2012 , some usual while some very unusual names were witnessed! One such name was Naveen Tewari, CEO of Bangalore based InMobi which is claimed to be the largest independent mobile ad network globally. With 774 employees, it has offices in Bangalore, Johannesburg, London, Nairobi, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Seoul, Singapore and Tokyo. Naveen Tewari has been ranked as the second most important person in mobile advertising while Jason Spero, Head of Global Mobile Sales & Strategy at Google heads the list! Tewari is followed by Adam Bain, President - Global Revenue at Twitter, Kang-Xing Jin, Director of Ads Engineering, Facebook and David Ko, Chief Mobile Officer at Zynga at the third, fourth and fifth positions respectively.

Hear Naveen Tewari speak at the 2nd iMedia Brand Summit in Goa this July 2012 on the Evolution of Mobile Device & his entrepreneurial journey! 

Naveen Tewari who has previously worked at McKinsey & Company and Charles River Ventures also has an MBA from the Harvard Business School. He founded InMobi in 2007 and now joins the most important people’s list with the likes of Google, Twitter, Facebook and Zynga all taking the top five positions. His company received a funding of US$ 200 million from Softbank, Japan last year and has witnessed 88% growth in impressions on tablets across its networks in the last six months alone.  Serving 93.4 billion impressions monthly, it has the distinction of being the world’s largest independent mobile ad network.


(Naveen Tewari, CEO of InMobi –One of the biggest things to happen to Mobile Advertising)

With just about five years since its inception, InMobi has grown from a Bangalore based company to a global conglomerate having its operations in different parts of the world. Just recently, the company launched its expansion in India by opening offices in New Delhi and Mumbai and hiring specialized talent to further its reach to the mobile advertiser community. It has also expanded its presence in Russia which is one of the biggest internet markets in Europe with more than 50 million internet users and 27 million mobile internet users.

With innovation being the mantra at InMobi, it recently launched its new mobile conversion tracking platform Ad Tracker. Providing real-time analytics, this platform will allow advertisers to measure multiple conversions on both mobile web and app campaigns, across all advertising networks and publishers. The InMobi Ad Tracker is separate from the InMobi ad network, not reliant on UDIDs (Unique Device Identifier), and is completely free to integrate and use. This combination provides the only independent, scalable and cost-effective solution for managing mobile campaign performance in a rapidly growing market.

InMobi has opened an entry for the Indian mobile advertising companies to showcase their skills to the world. Currently, the mobile advertising market in India is a whopping $56 million with around 900 million consumers and the number is increasing every minute. Be it promotion of mobile content, games, videos or movie related campaigns; the surge of mobile advertising has made this medium very difficult to ignore. Mobile is here to stay, and stay for long!