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Facebook CTO Bret Taylor bids adieu to start own venture
Facebook CTO Bret Taylor bids adieu to start own venture
By: iMedia News Bureau

After three years of successful stint at Facebook, CTO Bret Taylor has resigned, reports All Things D.

“I wanted to let you all know that I’ll be leaving Facebook later this summer,” Taylor wrote. “I’m sad to be leaving, but I’m excited to be starting a company with my friend Kevin Gibbs, Taylor wrote on his Facebook post.

Taylor has been an important leader at Facebook, in charge of both platform and mobile.According to his LinkedIn profile Prior to Facebook, Taylor was the CEO of social start-up FriendFeed, which Facebook acquired. Before founding FriendFeed, Taylor was product manager at Google and worked on Google Maps and Google Local. He was also an entrepreneur-in-residence at Benchmark Capital.

Taylor’s announced departure is less than a month after Facebook’s initial public offering as the company tries to ratchet up products and services to woo more developers and users to its site. Since its IPO on May 17, when it raised $16 billion, Facebook’s shares have tumbled on concerns ad revenue growth won’t keep pace with membership growth as more users access the service on mobile phones.

Two Facebook executives, Mike Vernal and Cory Ondreijka, will be filling Taylor’s role in managing Facebook’s platform and mobile strategy, respectively.