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Will Microsoft Be the Next To Join the Tablet World?
Will Microsoft Be the Next To Join the Tablet World?
By: Bikram K Singh

The web is abuzz with the speculation that on Monday in Los Angeles (US Time), the OS-giant Microsoft and one of the State’s leading bookstores and online store, Barnes & Noble will launch Windows RT-based, a version of Windows 8, tablet. The news was broke by The Wrap then was followed by All things D and TechCrunch.

If the rumors are to be believed then Microsoft will be the next big company to jump on the tablet bandwagon. It is interesting to note here that almost all computer manufacturers have come of with their own tablet devices. It would be interesting to see how these companies with whom Microsoft partners for its Windows operating system and on whom the success of Windows depends will react to this new development.

Window’s second inning

Microsoft Founder and Ex-CEO, Bill Gates have toyed by the idea of tablet for many years during his tenure in Microsoft and it has come with Tablet PC Edition of Windows XP. Windows Tablet PC Edition was first made available in November 2002, and it became part of standard Windows XP in August 2004 with the release of Service Pace 2, and later Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005.

The OS was touch sensitive and worked pretty well on devices manufactured by HP, Toshiba, and the likes. In fact, it was Microsoft that made the term Tablet PC popular around 2000 and 2001.

Having been an early adopter of Tablet PC I can say that the earlier experience of Tablet PC was not all that great and it was nowhere comparable to iOS and Android Devices, but seeing the recent previews of Windows 8, I am expecting the new Windows RT-based tablet to be sleeker than its predecessors.

War of Tablets

Despite Windows being the pioneer in the tablet industry, it failed to create any ripple. If it was not for Apple’s iPad launch in 2010, we probably would not have entered the tablet age, as the coming of which was professed by the Legendary Bill Gates. See infographics below to know the history of tablet development till 2011.

Source: Tablet Writings


The launch of new devices, development in new display technology, faster processors, and cool apps are going to make the batter fiercer, but only to the benefit of consumers.

With like of Microsoft and Sony joining the battle, the game is going to be interesting. Will it pull the price down as well for a real state-of-the-art device? The time will be the best judge of it.