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Facebook revealed 30% of Indian users access through mobile
Facebook revealed 30% of Indian users access through mobile
By: iMedia News Bureau

India is world's third largest internet market with 120 million internet users growing at a rate of 30% a year. An explosive rise in the number of devices that connect to the web is one of the prime reasons for the rising number of users.

By 2014, the country is expected to have 300 million users thereby surpassing the US (currently estimated to have around 250 million users). Of the 120 million Internet users in India, around 20 million are mobile-only Internet users, and around 10 million of these access the Internet only through smartphones.

A recent report from Nielsen Informate Mobile Insights said that 93 per cent of the smartphone users in the India access social networking sites via their mobile handsets. Also, Facebook has revealed that about 30% of its users in India access the service from their mobile. The stated figures were disclosed by Facebook’s Director, Emily White in a presentation at the Social Loco conference, report PC World.

The 900 million user base social network said that India accounted for its third-fastest growing user base, at the same time its per-user revenue was falling. Facebook has tried to catch the hold of mobile market by acquiring numerous apps of different genre. The recent launch of its App Centre and announcement to launch a smartphone in near future clearly indicates Facebook wants to be at the pinnacle.

The explosive use of social media and internet is due to the rise of mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Bada, Symbian, Blackberry and the latest addition Windows 8.