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Corporate Blog - To Have it or Not is the Question
Corporate Blog - To Have it or Not is the Question
By: Bikram K Singh

Even after more than a decade of blogging revolution, the question surrounding the efficacy of a blog is raised every now and then, particularly in a boardroom, where all the decisions are taken based on the “result driving” potential of an endeavor and return on investment. For hardened-by-number boardroom citizens, blogging neither provide any direct result nor it has effect on ROI, so they try to stay clear of it, which is a mistake.

Why blog matters for a corporate

Better visibility

Regardless of the nature of its business, every corporate needs visibility. To get better visibility in media, a company spends so much of resources, which it can save by using blog as a tool, particularly in our age when search and social media activities are, by far, two of the most indulged activities.

By using blog as a tool on your corporate website, you will be able to get more page indexed by search engines, which will increase the chances of your getting discovered in search.


To establish authority

No matter who your audience is, she always has some problem, to solve which she will always be searching for answers. Finding answers to problems, issues, or questions related to your industry is an everyday activity for your prospects, and by providing answers to their question, you can establish your company as an authority in your industry, and no other tool can help you do it as effectively and efficiently as a blog will.


To keep them posted

Like other players in your industry, your company also needs to fulfill the information needs of various stakeholders. Sending a press release out is not a viable option because it costs money to release it through a good online wire and even after that there is no guarantee that it will be picked in the timely manner. A blog is always a better way to break major or minor news about your organization.

Not having a regularly updated corporate blog means you are not going to get the visibility. It is more important seeing the way people are engaged with the Internet. Before making any decision, almost everyone who is exposed to the Internet will go online to do the research.