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Gmail surpass Hotmail to become No.1 email service
Gmail surpass Hotmail to become No.1 email service
By: iMedia News Bureau

Gmail has become world’s largest email service provider with 425 million monthly active users, according to Google blog post.

With yet another feather in Google’s cap, Gmail has dethroned Microsoft’s Hotmail for the first time. Gmail users have increased by 75 million since January 2012.

Until now, Hotmail was world’s largest email service provider with 325 million monthly active users, according to comScore report of May. Yahoo's service ranked second, with roughly 298 million users, while Google's Gmail garnered about 289 million users.

We've always been big fans of Gmail around these parts, but Google has continuously updated its web, Android and iOS apps with small but useful tweaks to keep making the mail service even better. 

Hotmail has been around for nearly sixteen years: it was launched in July 1996 (under the original name of "HoTMaiL"). Yahoo is just slightly younger: It was launched in October of 1997. Gmail, by comparison, was launched in 2004 -- meaning that it's almost exactly half the age of Hotmail.In terms of adoption-over-time, Google's service is actually much more catchy than Microsoft's or Yahoo's.

Hotmail recently changed its name to Newmail with an ultra-modern look with ‘fluid and interactive design’ which is expressly designed to work well on mobile devices such as phones or tablets.

Also, though each email service is likely hosting hefty percentages of out-of-use accounts, it's likelier that Hotmail and Yahoo, given their age, are hosting more of them -- accounts established by early adopters who then moved on to Gmail or other services.

Is it reasonable to believe all web-based email services are enjoying the same kind of user explosion or is it more accurate to think people are leaving one service for another? Could the explosion of Android users be the reason for Gmail’s increase, considering you have to have a Google account to get the full functionality out of your Android-powered phone.