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BBC launches sport app to live stream Olympics and Wimbledon on Facebook
BBC launches sport app to live stream Olympics and Wimbledon on Facebook
By: iMedia News Bureau

The BBC has unveiled a Facebook application that will allow users of the social networking site to stream live coverage of the London Olympics 2012 and the Wimbledon tennis championships.

The move comes from BBC just after, Facebook Explore 2012; a dedicated page for athletes to communicate with fans was launched by The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Facebook.

The app enables people to share and comment on video as they watch it — potentially allowing for real time commentary and conversation to happen directly on Facebook. And with the event taking place in London this summer, the BBC will be the official Olympic broadcaster and have direct control of every single feed of video pouring out of the Games.

The BBC Sport app is already up and running with live video from the Wimbledon tennis championships, which features six live streams from around the court.

This is the first time the BBC has live streamed events on Facebook

The application would feature up to 24 different streams of Olympic events and will include several social elements from Facebook such as the ability to ‘Like' broadcasts so friends can show one another what they are watching.

While the application is good news for sports' fan, it may well cause a few headaches for IT managers in organisations as it provides yet another outlet for staff to access the Olympics on their networks, potentially causing disruption.

Alongside the new Facebook app, audiences can watch BBC Summer of Sport coverage online at, on mobile and tablet, on connected TVs.  By bringing audiences the action whenever they want, wherever they are, the BBC is making sure they never miss a moment of an epic year of sport from the BBC.

Called as the ‘Social Olympics’ the London Games has its dedicated portals on Google+, as well as a Twitter branded page, partnership with Foursquare, a project with Tumblr, and Instagram.

The BBC Sport site currently receives over 20 million requests for streaming content per month. Facebook currently has more than 30 million monthly active users in the UK.