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Apple pulls the plug on its cloud service: MobileMe and iWork
Apple pulls the plug on its cloud service: MobileMe and iWork
By: iMedia News Bureau

Apple has finally shut down its failed cloud service MobileMe. Users will be able to access their accounts, download their files, and upgrade to iCloud, for a limited time.

Now Apple’s other cloud service,, is also closing down. Just like with MobileMe,’s features are getting rolled into iCloud. The portal will shut down on this July 31, 2012.

It never really came out of beta, but documents could be shared online using since it was introduced in January 2009. iCloud was introduced nearly a year later in October of 2011 with all those features from being rolled right into it.

The services that will be shuttered and have not made its way onto iCloud are Gallery, iDisk, and iWeb Publish, a Web publishing and hosting service. The ability to sync Dashboard Widgets, Dock Items, Keychains, Mail Account, Mail Rules/Signatures/Smart Mailboxes, and System Preferences will also be discontinued. Accessing the remaining services — MobileMe address book, e-mail, calendar, bookmarking and storage — requires users to upgrade to iCloud. Data from these aforementioned services will automatically be transferred to Apple’s iCloud upon upgrading from MobileMe.

Apple opened up the beta to provide iWork users a way to store and edit their documents in the cloud. A year later, though, they announced iCloud. In March of this year, they announced that the beta would be closing down on July 31st. With MobileMe officially done, is the last of Apple’s non-iCloud cloud services.

The impending launch of Mountain Lion for the Mac will bring that same functionality to the desktop when it is released later this month, thereby eliminating most of the reason for's existence in the first place.