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Google shuts iGoogle, Google Video and other services
Google shuts  iGoogle, Google Video and other services
By: iMedia News Bureau

As a part of its ‘Spring cleaning in summer’, Google has announced in a new blog post that it is shutting down Google Video, iGoogle, Google Mini, Google Talk Chatback and its Symbian Search App.

The announcement comes less than three months after its last "spring cleaning," which led to Google Sync for BlackBerry, Google Related, the mobile web app for Google Talk and Google Flu Vaccine Finder being killed.

The move from Google comes soon after Apple pulled the plug on its cloud services MobileMe and iWork.

"With modern apps that run on platforms like Chrome and Android, the need for iGoogle has eroded over time, so we'll be winding it down," Matt Eichner, General Manager of Google's global enterprise search, said Google in a blog post.

Google launched the service in 2005 and will give users until next November to move their data. Over the years, iGoogle got chat functionality, as well as social gadgets and nature themes among other things.

Google Talk Chatback, meanwhile, allowed websites to embed a Google Talk widget, but that's now outdated and Google is encouraging people to use Meebo, which it acquired last month. 

Google Video stopped taking uploads in May 2009 and by Aug 20, the remaining content will be transferred to YouTube, which Google acquired in 2006.The Symbian Search App is being retired so Google can “focus out efforts on our mobile web search experience” — also, Symbian’s market share of mobile devices has dropped like a rock and Google cares about improving Android search more.

Last September, Google Desktop, Notebook, Fast Flip, Aardvark and Google Maps API for Flash were among the products that the company shut down.  Google Buzz was axed in October and Google said it intended to kill Google Wave in November.

In his 2012 updates to investors, Google CEO Larry Page outlined his strategy to focus on "core products".

Besides search, Google has been laser-focused on social, making continuous upgrades to its social network Google+, which has recently snowballed to a user base of 250 million.