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Report: Tablets to reign notebook by 2016
Report: Tablets to reign notebook by 2016
By: iMedia News Bureau

With iPad sales continuing to attract millions of new users, and with entry of Android’s Nexus 7 and Microsoft’s Surface, tablet sales growth will surpass notebooks by 2016.

According to a recent report by market research firm NPD DisplaySearch, overall mobile PC shipments will grow from 348 million units this year to 809 million units by 2017, putting them ahead of notebook shipments for the first time ever.

NPD projects that tablet shipments will have a compound annual growth rate of 28% over the next five years as the total number of shipments rises from 121 million in 2012 to 416 million in 2017. Notebooks, meanwhile, will see shipments grow from 208 million in 2012 to 393 million in 2017.

Richard Shim, Senior Analyst NPD DisplaySearch, said that in the company's report that consumer "preference for mobile computing devices is shifting from notebook to tablet PCs, particularly in mature markets," including North America, Japan and Western Europe.

He further said that while the lines between tablet and notebook PCs are blurring, consumer preference for mobile computing devices is shifting in the direction of slimmer, sleeker tablets. Tablets are also growing to become content creation, as well as content consumption devices.

The report revealed that as tablet technology advances, so will the machines' features, bringing instant-on capabilities, long battery life, and extreme portability, along with multi-core processors, stable operating systems, growing app libraries and high-resolution displays.

Tablet PC shipments will reach 254 million units by 2017, up from 80 million in 2012, said the report. Still, laptops are expected to remain a large segment of the mobile PC market, accounting for almost 50% of the market by 2017.

In February, Apple Chief Tim Cook reiterated that tablets will outsell PC one day. That same month, IDC reported that the smartphone market surpassed PC market in terms of sales during the previous quarter for the first time.