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Facebook closes's API and Klik app
Facebook closes's API and Klik app
By: iMedia News Bureau

Less than a month after Facebook acquired facial recognition app, the social network is shutting down the facial-recognition software company's API. has announced on its website that it is closing down its existing products and services to external developers and delivering its iPhone app so that it can focus on new products at Facebook.

According to a report from The Next Web, an e-mail addressed to developers using the API, the company said, "We're excited to move forward to work with all our friends at Facebook. Part of this process includes closing down other products and services that we are no longer able to support, and this includes the developers API." made a splash in 2009 when it released Photo Tagger, a free third-party application for Facebook that uses facial recognition technology to automatically tag photos of people, as well as a recognition-based alert service for Facebook. In 2010, released an open API to the public that allowed third-party developers to incorporate the technology in their apps.

Additionally, has also removed its iOS app "KLIK" from the app store. The app, which helped users tag Facebook friends in photos even before the shot was taken (thanks to's extensive facial analysis techniques) will officially go offline on July 20. Users have until then to download any photos they've been tagged in or photos they've taken.

The company was founded in 2007 by CEO Gil Hirsch, CTO Yaniv Taigman, Chairman Moti Shniberg, and Director Eden Shochat.

With the exception of the very large acquisition of Instagram, Facebook has closed down all the other companies it bought. This includes its first and only other acquisition in Israel, Snaptu, which was acquired in March 2011 for $70 million. Snaptu's app provides ordinary mobile phones (not smartphones) easy access to social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.