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Facebook rolls out App Center in India along with six other countries
Facebook rolls out App Center in India along with six other countries
By: iMedia News Bureau

Just over a month since it debuted its App Center store in the US, Facebook is rolling out the service to global markets. The App Center is now live in the U.S., Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, and U.K, according to the company announcement via blog post.

Facebook also plans to open up the App Center to users in Brazil, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Taiwan and Turkey.  It’s accessible from the black sidebar on the left-hand side of the iOS and Android Facebook apps, as well as on the left side of the news feed on desktops.

Facebook announced the opening of the App Center in early June. It launched initially with 600 apps including Nike+ GPS, Ubisoft Ghost Recon Commander, Stitcher Radio, Draw Something and Pinterest. Games, such as Zynga's 'CityVille' and Electronic Arts' 'The Sims,' are the most popular types of apps on Facebook

Facebook said today that since launch, App Center has "helped millions of people discover new mobile and web apps." The App Center will recommend apps to users based on their interests, the types of apps their friends like, or the apps they have liked in the past.

For Facebook app developers, going global may prove to be worth the effort. Facebook boasts of around 901 million active users per month, as of March 2012. Of those, it says, fully 80 per cent are located outside the US and Canada.

But the company is betting that by personalising recommendations to users, people will find new types of applications beyond games, along with games that are more interesting to them.

Facebook is now accepting submissions for translated apps. Those who want to have their apps included in the rollout to new countries must submit by July 13. More details are available on Facebook’s blog. 

Facebook encouraged international submissions and pointed out that some of its most popular apps and games have been built by non-U.S. developers, like Diamond Dash, Angry Birds Friends, and Spotify.

Facebook says that 230 million people are playing games on Facebook every month; more than 130 games have more than 1 million monthly active users. There is also increasing traffic from iOS and Android apps into Facebook’s platform: 7 of the top 10 grossing iOS games, and 6 of the top 10 Android games, have integrated into Facebook.