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Salesforce to buy GoInstant
Salesforce to buy GoInstant
By: iMedia News Bureau

Enterprise cloud computing company is planning to buy Canadian Web-browsing start-up GoInstant for more than $70 million, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

The acquisition will add to a string of purchases by of companies in social media and other technology and services areas.

The Wall Street Journal said Salesforce, which provides cloud-based sales-management software, is looking to pick up two-year-old GoInstant to bolster its customer service offerings.

GoInstant provides technology that lets multiple users surf the Web together in a real-time, allowing all participants to type, click, and scroll together. The service works across desktops, laptops, or tablets. Ideally, this means that you and your co-workers can be in different locations and see the exact same site information and media.

"We believe there is tremendous potential for social enterprises to benefit from what the GoInstant has built, particularly when combined with's industry-leading social, mobile, and open apps and technology," Marcel LeBrun, Senior Vice President at said in a blog post.

GoInstant was founded in 2010 and raised $1.7 million in seed financing from investors at LinkedIn and Facebook. According to its company pages, the firm has only a dozen employees. GoInstant doesn't position itself as a social browser, but instead targets other start-ups that may need to provide support or assistance to customers or partners. has been investing in web conferencing solutions. In January 2011, it acquired DimDim, a web conferencing provider. The deal with GoInstant extends its capability to offer fully integrated, real-time social collaboration.

The company recently bought online-marketing firm Buddy Media for as much as $745 million.