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Yahoo launches Genome analytics tool
Yahoo launches Genome analytics tool
By: iMedia News Bureau

Yahoo has announced the launch of its Genome ad product which promises to empower companies with more accurate audience data and analytics.

Genome service was announced in May during Internet Week that stems from its $270 million acquisition of Interclick last November. The platform promises to help marketers deliver highly-targeted campaigns based on user data (including search) from Yahoo’s audience of 700 million combined with third-party data from Interclick and advertiser data, among other sources.

“It’s a holistic combination of data inputs, premium supply and actionable analytics that can help marketers achieve their objectives from the top to the bottom of the funnel,” Peter Foster, General Manager of audience and performance advertising at Yahoo, said in a blog post. 

The Genome platform enables marketers and brands to build data-rich targeting into their campaigns across Yahoo's vast inventory.

Yahoo hopes that it can help marketers understand and leverage the explosion of data with the information it collects on users such as search queries and user behaviour, and compound the value of those profiles with third-party data from more than 25 other data providers, including BlueKai and eXelate.

Genome’s technology rests on Open Segment Management, created by Interclick (which was purchased by Yahoo! last year and has been rebranded as Genome now) to manage data sources and define prime target audiences.

With Genome, companies looking for more specific audience data can have that combined with Yahoo’s own data, including user searches and account registrations. The company says the app will help companies understand consumer needs, anticipate audiences future performance and enable you to develop efficient media buys.