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Twitter partners Buddy Media to launch 'Age screening'
Twitter partners Buddy Media to launch 'Age screening'
By: iMedia News Bureau

Social media has evolved in the last decade but no one has quite figured out how to completely protect and prohibit younger demographics from accessing adult content on social networks.

We know that Facebook is actively working on policies and controls aimed at allowing younger Facebook users. According to a report from Wall Street Journal, it seems that Facebook is developing controls that do essentially the same thing conscientious parents are already doing—monitoring the “friends” of children’s accounts, managing the privacy controls of children’s Facebook profiles, and limiting the applications children are allowed to use. 

Twitter is following Facebook’s footsteps and launching ‘Age Screening’, a system built with help from Buddy Media, that lets users self-verify their age.

The new  to verify your age. After you verify once, you won't have to do it for every opted-in brand you want to follow. 

The news comes as Twitter works to beef up digital advertising and make the service more useful for brand marketing. Twitter itself does not collect information on the ages of users, so it paired with Buddy Media, which developed a tool for screening for a user’s age.

alcohol brands requested the microblogging service add the feature to protect them from legal scrutiny. Oddly though, adult brands can still advertise sweet, sweet booze, gambling and pharmaceuticals to minors on Twitter.

All of the examples of adult brands on Twitter pertain to Twitter handles for alcoholic beverage companies, although the solution could be extended to other products that come with a legal age limit, such as cigarettes.

Brands who want some legal shielding can go to the Buddy Media tool and register themselves. They can then select the minimum age of their followers in geographic regions across the globe.