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Report: iXiGO becomes most influential travel brand on social media
Report: iXiGO becomes most influential travel brand on social media
By: iMedia News Bureau

Online and mobile travel search engine iXiGo has emerged as India’s most influential travel brand on social media, as per a report shared by Pinstorm’s India Influencers Index 2.0 and media2win.

On Pinstorm’s India Influencer Index, earned 17th spot among all brands in India. The rank goes up to 4 among all Indian brands when measured purely by the brand’s Klout score, ahead of all other e-commerce brands in India, and even a large number of media & news channels in the country.

As per the “Brands Going Social” index, ranks No. 1 in travel and No. 4 among all e-commerce brands when one applies an ‘Engagement Index’ metric, defined as the ratio of fans/followers talking about the brand. In both these indexes and studies, emerges as the definitive No. 1 in the travel category and a leading brand in the overall e-commerce category, ahead of brands such as eBay, Flipkart, Bookmyshow and Expedia.

iXiGO has experienced sustained growth in fan following on Facebook and Twitter by creating and curating interesting and engaging travel related content and trivia and sharing it with their fans.

Commenting on the report, Saurabh Srivastava, VP Marketing & Product Strategy, said, in a company statement, “While one can focus on building a large fan base, what really matters is whether there is true engagement and buzz around the brand. How attentive are your followers to your communication and how relevant do they find the content to their own aspirations? On Facebook, a typical post on any brand page reaches less than 10% of the overall community and gets only 3-4% of fans talking about the brand, as likes, comments or shares. With some really engaging travel trivia, facts, photos and contests, we have been able to reach 15-20% of our community and have 7-8% of iXiGO followers on our page engaging with it actively. This is fueling our organic fan growth and has resulted in this achievement.”

Social Media has become a crucial part of the brand positioning and marketing strategy for every brand.

Earlier this year, launched India's first full-featured travel app for Android phones and a unique search platform for Facebook & Twitter that understands and responds to flight searches made in natural language by users of social media platforms.