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How a Writer Can Make Your Small Business Grow Big
How a Writer Can Make Your Small Business Grow Big
By: Bikram K Singh


In the agrarian society, people who could spend long hours in the sun were the catapult of the societal economic growth, and in the industrial age, people who could accomplish more with their hands in the working hours given to them were the ones who fueled the growth of economy, but in the post-industrial world of ours when, for the first time in the history, muscle power of human capital is not as important to fuel the economic growth as is the intellectual power, people with writing and communicating skills are inevitable for the success of any business.

Since the beginning of the digital age, a skilled and knowledgeable writer has become preponderating. On the Internet, he shapes opinion of people using the power of his written words. He helps you connect and communicate with your customers and prospects. 
Let\'s leave abstraction at this point and look into details of how a writer or well-written content can help you grow your small business big.

Meaningful content engages audience
There is so much of noise around us that we all have raised a think perceptual wall on our senses that filters out all the marketing messages. In our time, people hardly pay any attention to messages bombarded at him or her from all kinds of varied media. People simply ignore them, which result in catastrophic waste of money.
But when it comes to relevant content the situation is entirely different. People deliberately lower their perceptual barriers allowing new information to seep in. In short, meaningful content engages audience who in turn lowers their perceptual barriers and open themselves up for your marketing message.
Captivating content converts fast
Well-researched, high-quality content not only engages your audience but also talk to them in their own language. It brings you and your customers on the same platform, from where you can convey the benefits of your product and services to your customers without offending them.
When writing Articles or blog posts you should focus on subtly handling probable objections. This way you will handle their objection much before your customers know they existed. It will save time when it, and convert traffic faster. You can also show them case studies talking about issues your customers faced in past and what you did to help them eliminate the issues, and if you can post videos about that then, by all means, do that. This will persuade them. In digital age, well-written content function as an advisor, friend, and even as a clandestine salesman.
Content builds trust & establishes you as authority in your market
You do not need to "SELL" your company in the articles, press releases, or blog posts that you write, or the videos and podcasts that you publish. This will push your customers away from your articles, and once gone they are gone forever. 
Write articles or blog posts about the common problems that a customer faces with products and services in your industry, and tell him how to solve those problems. This will help you gain customers trust and make you an authority figure in your customers\' eyes, which will help you sell more. 
You can inform your new visitors about your offerings, but do not go overboard with blatantly promoting your product or services.

What kind of content works?
There is not an all-encompassing definite answer to this question. Every industry has different requirement, so the nature of content that establishes you as an authority in those industries also varies. But there are types of content that everyone likes, regardless of which industry you are in, which you must use. These are:
1. Product demonstration videos shared freely on YouTube.
2. Freely available audio or video interview of big names in your industry.
3. Video testimonials of people who have used your product.
4. Objection-handling webinars 
5. Webinars where pressing customer concerns are talked about.
6. Interview of fellow customers who successfully deployed your solution. This works best in B2B setting and when your product is complex.
7. Articles, blog posts, videos, etc., teaching the usage and benefits of your product and services.
These represent mere the tip of the iceberg. There are many more content types that you can experiment with. While doing so, the only thing that you need to keep in mind is you need to be honest with your customers, and that begins with hiring an expert to do the writing for you, if you are not deft with pen. 
During the content creation process, you can chip in your expertise and explain the nature of your business to your hired writer. Your inputs and your involvement are important, even when you have hired a writing expert because it is you who understands your market better, and not the writer. 

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Bikram K. Singh is an SEO consultant and a content marketing expert. He has helped many small and mid-size companies gain competitive advantage on the Internet through SEO, and Content marketing. Since 1999, he is hooked to the Internet – first as a consumer then as a producer, and since 2006 as an SEO consultant and content marketing strategist. He develops and executes SEO and content strategies for small and mid-size companies.Of late, he has started offering free online marketing coaching and sharing free marketing resources on You can reach him on