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ThePodium, a social network for Indian Advertising and Media community launched by Afaqs
ThePodium, a social network for Indian Advertising and Media community launched by Afaqs
By: iMedia News Bureau

Today our world revolves around social media. It has become an invincible tool of mass communication which links us with each other. Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and all other social websites are the networks which help us to reconnect with people. But, in recent times we have seen a rise in number of niche social networks that are specific to people from certain genre globally.

Niche social networks like FamilyLeaf for you and your relatives, Nextdoor only for your neighbours, Foodspotting, Untapped are some examples of these kinds of social platforms which are currently popular in the US.

Bringing the concept of social network for a specific lot to Indian grounds, Banyan Netfaqs, the publisher of, Afaqs Reporter and has launched ThePodium, a micro networking website for the Advertising, Marketing and Media Community in India.

ThePodium is like a social network where you have to send a request, add people, create a profile, upload pictures and share new ideas, innovation and updates related to the advertising, media and marketing world. It will closely knit people from the same filed and genre and help create better productivity.

It will also locate people and resources thereby leading to creativity and innovations. News and information can be housed and updated in one area – internal newsletters, press releases.

Social Media is getting bigger and better by day. According to a Gartner report Social Media revenue is expected to hit $16.9 billion by the end of this year. Social networks have gotten big, cumbersome, and laden with concerns over where your data is going and what is being done with it.

ThePodium is definitely a new concept and adds something different to the usual lot. It will attract a specific class of users that are related to field of advertising and marketing. As the site is still in its beta version, it is too early to predict how it will shape as in terms of users and popularity.

Similar attempts have been made previously by companies who launch their own blog. Also private bloggers, bloggers group and forums are created, but only handful of them run successfully.

ThePodium is an effort by the company to bring all the like-minded people from the ad and media world under one roof. But will ThePodium gather momentum and see rise in number of users? Will it bring people from ads, media and marketing together? Or will it join the bandwagon to the pool of other social network?