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Facebook launches Facebook Stories. What's your story?
Facebook launches Facebook Stories. What's your story?
By: iMedia News Bureau

950 million users share their lives on Facebook almost everyday. Facebook thinks many of them have some interesting stories and some of them are so interesting that they could be part of an online Facebook magazine.

The big blue social network is launching a brand new cool website called Facebook that will collect stories around different themes. The site showcases videos and articles that depict creative ways in which the Facebook community uses the platform, not unlike Tumblr's Storyboard or Twitter Stories

The new feature from Facebook is designed and created “to celebrate the different stories that are coming out of Facebook” users. In other words, the new Facebook Stores talks all about an individual and the experiences that one would like to share with their friends, relatives, and other users on the Internet.

Facebook Stories, which has been in the works since last June, will focus on a different theme each month. The first issue of Facebook Stories, which resides at, centers on “remembering.” A video at the top of the page tells the moving story of Mayank Sharma, who used Facebook’s “People You May Know” tool to contact old acquaintances and reconstruct his life history after being diagnosed with meningitis at age 27. 

However, not every story submitted by users will be featured. Facebook will pick only those stories that it finds interesting enough to feature it on the homepage. And after the end of that month, Facebook will post an infographic based on the theme of the previous story shared. For the launch, Facebook has shared the “Biggest Life Moments from Timelines” infographic, which shows the percentage of people who have travelled, moved, got married, and so on.

To add your stories, click on the “Add Your Story” button, which will take you to the app permissions page. Once you’ve granted the permissions, you can write a brief description about your story, upload a video/photo, and submit it to Facebook. Facebook says that that the new Facebook Stories is “a separate effort from a different team.”

In addition to stories surfaced from the Facebook community, the site will also include regular features in conjunction with several partners. For example, the Bookshelf will feature a Good reads-supplied list of books that correspond with the month's theme; the Playlist will spotlight Spotify mixes curated by artists; and the Reading List will feature several stories from publications such as The New Yorker, whose content is normally behind a pay wall.

Facebook launched a similar project back in 2010 also called Facebook Stories. The offering was an app that highlighted the impact the social network had on people's lives, but disappeared last year.

Facebook is nearing a billion users, nearly one seventh of all of the people on the planet. With that many users, there is bound to be some good fodder for Facebook stories.This is a great and innovative move by Facebook which will help bring back life and soul to this mammoth organization which is starting to loose human touch.