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Facebook Most Popular in Asian Countries
Facebook Most Popular in Asian Countries
By: Sahil Shah

Facebook has more than 150 million users in the United States of America with over 50% penetration rate. This number is the highest by any country in the world and infact is 3 times the second highest i.e. Brazil with 53 million users. But recently Facebook to its surprise saw a downturn in the growth (1.19%) of no. of users in the U.S. This largely is due to the maturity of the product offering in its life cycle. Nevertheless this downturn doesn’t make Facebook any less favourite but compared to a long list of countries in Asia, the number one position of U.S. is soon to be challenged.

Reports by various analytical firms suggest that Facebook’s growth in newer countries, especially Asian countries is far more exciting than other countries. Recently the number of Facebook users declined in the US and Europe (by 1.1 percent) while on the other hand it increased significantly in India, Korea, South Korea and other Asian countries. Of the 23 countries in which Facebook's membership exceeds 50 per cent of the population, 14 of those saw the number of people using the social network drop or stay the same. This is alarming for Facebook but most of these 14 countries were non-Asian which is a great sign as Facebook has a lot of opportunities to grow in Asia. Also one of the better statistics about Asia is that it has almost the same number of users for Europe as well as America but the penetration rate is still 6.01% of the total population.

Here is a comparative list of continents on Facebook:

Coming to various countries on Facebook, 7 out of the top 20 are from Asia and almost all of them have a penetration of less than 20%. India is growing at a rate of 23.68% every six months while Japan is growing at 61.08%. These numbers are growing on a monthly basis. Inspite of the lesser availability of Internet in Asia compared to the western countries, the growth rate is quite remarkable. This also is facilitated by an increasing amount of mobile phones and Internet access.

Clearly Facebook is making noise in most of the Asian countries with regards to the number of users, repeat visitors, active users, the increasing growth rate, etc. Here is a chart of the top ten countries in Asia on Facebook and below are some notable remarks:

  • India is the number one country in Asia with a decent growth rate of 23.68% as well as a very low penetration rate at 4.36%. This is a great sign for Facebook to expand in this country.
  • Japan has the best growth rate at 61.08% and a penetration rate of only 7.96%
  • All the countries in the top ten have positive growths as well as an average penetration of only 21.34%
  • High Internet usage countries like Singapore, Hongkong, UAE, etc. are not in the top ten list which is a great sign as there is room for other countries as well

Thus Facebook is steadily making its way amongst the Asian countries and is growing within those at a very good rate compared to the western countries. No doubt the future of Facebook is very good in the Asian markets as Internet & mobile adoption is fairly high and lowly penetrated. Let us know in the comment box below as to which country you think has the maximum potential to grow in Asia.