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Transform your photos into real Postcards with Facebook's new feature
Transform your photos into real Postcards with Facebook's new feature
By: iMedia News Bureau

A huge lot were upset when Facebook changed their email id without prior consent. But, people might be a little happier with Facebook’s recent feature. The social network is looking to add some real-world tactility to your photos with a new feature that will soon let you send them to people as physical postcards.

Once the desired photo is selected, it becomes one side of the card, and you have the ability to enter personalized text on the other. You can then address it from memory or use an option to ask your recipients for their physical mailing addresses.

Of course, Facebook isn't doing this for free. The sender is charged a fee, right now at varying price points for the people who have access to the trial. The feature is powered by Sincerely, an application that allows people to send gifts and greeting cards from their phones.

The service sounds similar to what you get from the Postagram app, which allows iPhone and Android users to send a physical postcard with a photo from their Instagram or Facebook collection, or from their camera roll.

This feature came about from a Hackathon project. If successful, and instituted, the new service could garner Facebook some more earnings through increased interaction with pictures (higher advertising value) and through a possible small profit from the selling of the postcards and prints.

If you're in the limited group trial, under the photo you are viewing you will see a "Mail Postcard" button. Clicking this opens a screen that you can enter your message and the recipient's address on. Click send and the order goes to production and mailing.