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Reuters blogging platform hacked
Reuters blogging platform hacked
By: iMedia News Bureau

The blogging platform of the Reuters News website was hacked and a false posting saying Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal had died was illegally posted on a Reuters journalist's blog, the company said.

The agency said the false posting had been deleted and that it does not have any immediate information on who was behind the hack.

It is the third embarrassing hack to hit the news service in recent weeks. On Friday August 3, its blogging platform was also hit. That time hackers posted fake news stories about the situation in Syria.

The second incident followed just days later, and involved its technology news Twitter feed. Hackers gained access to the account and posted pro-Syrian government messages, including false messages about casualties suffered by the rebels.

Like many of the world's biggest news websites, Reuters uses WordPress as its blogging platform. According to the Wall Street Journal at the time of the first incident, the company was using an out of date version of the site. That version contained vulnerabilities that were exploited by hackers to gain control of the site.

It's still unclear who is behind these news hacks but Reuters hints that it may have been pro-government forces in Syria.

Such hacking incidents have become rampant lately, as professional social network LinkedIn was hacked in June. Also, recently, gaming network Blizzard was hacked and user data was stolen.