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YouTube's official Olympics channel had 231 million streams
YouTube's official Olympics channel had 231 million streams
By: iMedia News Bureau

The 2012 London Olympics may be over, but the Olympic stats are still rolling in. More than 500 million people stayed connected to the ‘Social Olympics’ either by watching them live on TV, online or checking in via Twitter.

YouTube said that a total of 231 million videos were streamed of which 72 million of them came from the IOC YouTube Channel. The statistics was revealed via company blog.

The YouTube Team reports that, “When we started preparing for the Olympics last year, we prioritized two things: giving you a front-row experience, and serving you video at the best quality possible.  You responded in a huge way.”

At the Olympics' peak, YouTube delivered more than 500,000 live streams at the same time, this is five times the capacity of the Wembley Stadium. 37 % of views from NBC came from people using mobile devices, and over half streamed the videos in HD quality

According to YouTube, the quality of the live video was also “better than ever before, with a 7X improvement in quality based on low buffering and high frame rates.”

Facebook and Twitter also released their own Olympic Games stats. Facebook says users generated over 116 million Olympic-themed communications while Twitter announced more than 150 million Olympic-themed tweets.

Athletes around the globe garnered worldwide followings and social services like Facebook and Twitter allowed viewers to voice their excitement, shock and anger about the games and the old media ways it was being covered.

Since the last summer games in Beijing four years ago, social media has gone from a youthful outlet in first-world nations to the voice of hundreds of millions of people globally.  In 2008, there were just six million people tweeting and now more than 600 million people have Twitter handles.