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1 out of 4 Online Minutes are Spent on Social Media in India
1 out of 4 Online Minutes are Spent on Social Media in India
By: Sahil Shah

Internet is growing and so is the art of staying connected. With more than 100 million Internet users in India, the competition amongst websites to stay at the top is getting too serious. There is no doubt in the fact that google is ruling with regards to the number of hits websites source in India. With its large number of offerings including as well as that generates the maximum traffic for what’s collectively known as Google Sites, it is the top destination in India online. Besides google sites, Facebook and Yahoo are also one of the most surfed websites in the country.

A latest report by Comscore, Inc., a leader in measuring the digital world, revealed some insights on the top online sites and activities in India. The report had some interesting findings that included Google Sites being ranked as the top destination in June 2012 reaching nearly 95% of the online population. Also the usage of social media was at the top with the online activity accounting for 25.2% of all online minutes.

Here is a chart that showcases the Top Online Destinations in India:

As of June 2012, Google Sites topped the chart with 57.8 million accessing the Internet from a home or work computer. The next was without a doubt with 50.9 million visitors (83.4% reach), followed by Yahoo! Sites (65.5% reach) and Microsoft Sites (48.1% reach). There were also some local websites that secured some spots in the top 10 ranking, including Times Internet Limited, reaching 33.7% of the online population, Network 18 (29.3% reach), India Ltd (25.2% reach) and (21.8% reach).

Besides counting website hits, another interesting metric to judge the popularity is time spent on these websites. emerged from the top where an average user spent nearly 4 hours on the site in June. Google Sites was next with 2.5 hours for June which I assume will be largely due to video viewing. Among local brands, Network 18 led as the most engaging property with visitors averaging 31.6 minutes during the month.

The cream takeaway from the report is that Social Media is getting popular and addictive day by day. It accounts for almost 25.2% of consumer surfing time over the Internet. This still doesn't have figures from Mobile phones or Cyber Cafes, which I strongly presume will increase the percentage by a greater amount. An increase of 0.8 percentage points from the previous year, social media continues to be a primary driver of people’s daily digital media consumption.

This clearly shows how Social Media is at top and next is entertainment websites with its 10% share and the growth of 1.2% points being the highest increase. On the other hand retail is grew its online business by a good margin of 0.5% points, which looks at the increasing online purchases even more and its bright future.

Social Media is at the core of anyone’s Internet surfing needs and will continue to be so as the need for staying connected will stay forever. This coupled with more entertainment options as well as some integration of sales is what brands should look at if they are serious about the digital marketing space. Do let us know your views in the comments section below as to whether Social Media will take over more time spent in the future or it will get stagnant at some point as there is more than just being social on the internet.