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Domino's India website attacked by hackers; 37k accounts leaked
Domino's India website attacked by hackers; 37k accounts leaked
By: iMedia News Bureau

India’s popular pizza retailer Domino’s Pizza served a setback, as a Turkish Hacker Group hacked its website.

Called as Turkish Ajan Hacker Group, the hackers leaked about 37,000 accounts, including names, phone numbers, email addresses, passwords and city details. Apparently the passwords released were stored in plain text and are posted on

According to a report from Business Standards, the hack was done via SQL injection method and remote file inclusion, one of the most common methods for stealing private data from web databases, according to the news agency. 

However, the website is still operational and is still allowing users to place orders.

Hacking a website has increasingly become a handy disruption tool for hackers. Earlier this year, Microsoft Store India was hacked by a team of Chinese hackers who left a 'black page' tagged with the words "Unsafe system will be baptized".

Furthermore, the ‘Anonymous’ group of hackers attacked various websites of Indian government and political parties. The attack was in protest to block file sharing websites such as Daily Motion, Pastebin, Vimeo, The Pirate Bay, and others.

Major sites like Yahoo and LinkedIn also suffered a major data breach.