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Networking with People using Digital Signage
Networking with People using Digital Signage
By: iMedia News Bureau

Everywhere that we go, we are not spared by advertisements or branding of a product of our daily or rather ephemeral usage. The ever increasing space and mediums to market and advertise a brand or a product is slowly and steadily deteriorating. The world is changing to virtual with the old age mediums feared to be turning obsolete and the new age media seizing that space. With everyday innovations in the marketing arena all over the globe, it is a necessity for strategists and analysts to use the available media as well as the new media in the best possible manner. Understanding the market and then creating an impact desired on the target group is of prime importance today. One needs to seize every point where you can reach an audience that values your product and for those who need to be made aware of your brand. One such area used by many a media agency and ad agencies all over the globe is the usage of public spaces and the tool implemented to attain maximum audience is digital signage networking. But what exactly goes into it and how do the agencies decide the spots?

In easy words, digital signage is a form of electronic display that shows information, advertising, branding and other messages. It can take various forms, from small LCDs powered by DVD players to large outdoor LED boards and can be often found in public as well a private environments like a retail store, corporate building, railway station, bus stands, etc. Audio visual professionals are sometimes asked to network digital signage units in various environments. Some handle private network installations i.e. LAN while others must connect digital signage units over vast distances through the internet. It is a form of out of home advertising precisely known as OOH media, where in content and messages are displayed on digital signs with a common goal of delivering targeted messages to specific locations at specific times and for a specific group of people.

What is the benefit of using digital signage? Advertising using digital signage scores over conventional forms of advertisement in several ways. For one, it has stopping power. Using full motion video and animated clips attracts more eyeballs than static advertising. There are considerable cost savings because it eliminates the need to print and distribute static signs every time there is a change in the message or campaign. It also saves a lot of time since content can be changed instantaneously; there is reduced lead time from message creation to dissemination. One can reach a precisely defined audience; change messages easily and immediately, increase sales and brand loyalty as dynamic content commands attention, maximize the value of each sign with many messages and ensure a proof of execution. Digital Media Network is already being used in most of the country round the world in different organizations to educational material and information; distribute video advertisements, announcements, promotions, news headlines.

In India presently, digital signage is only developing but it is still being used in a superior and productive manner. For instance, Taj group of hotels, which is one of the largest hotel chains in India has installed a state of the art banquet display, event display and promotions display system, all controlled from a single easy to use management console. HDFC bank has been using LCDs since 2007 to promote their new schemes and customer benefit programs and continues to do so successfully. Fame India Ltd., one of country’s leading multiplex chains has screens mounted strategically behind its food counters to show appetizing content. This has actually increased the food and beverages sales. These are just a few examples catering to India. Digital signage has lately proved to be a boon for the earthquake and tsunami victims that recently struck Japan giving it a huge blow. Agencies from many parts of the world that are into digital signage advertising have made it a point of running a Japan Relief Spot and request the people in providing funds for the country. Secondly it has also been regularly contributing spots of Red Cross and Red Crescent societies requesting for donations to support the victims. This is generating significant help in soliciting funds as well as in sustaining awareness for the victims of the unfolding disaster in Japan.

Now, we would definitely call that a master stroke. Here you have a powerful communication platform at your fingertips and there cannot be a better way to take advantage of its reach and power. And with such novel ideas, the day is not far off when the conventional Out Of Home tools like banners, pamphlets or for that matter even big hoardings will soon turn archaic and digital signage will be the most sought after means for marketing.