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Khatron Ke Khiladi 4 Employs Innovative Marketing Strategies
Khatron Ke Khiladi 4 Employs Innovative Marketing Strategies
By: iMedia News Bureau

 Despite the backing of one of the most saleable stars in Bollywood, the marketers of the TV reality show have left no stones unturned to market it

The television space today is cluttered with literally hundreds of programs vying for consumer attention. That is expected, considering nearly 500 channels in the Indian TV horizon. However, one that has managed audience attention and retention through its innovative marketing and advertising and is worth noting is: Khatron Ke Khiladi 4. 
The channel, Colors, has literally left no color palette unturned, to market and advertise its popular reality TV show, now in its fourth edition. Hosted by popular Bollywood action star, Akshay Kumar, the advertising for the program has gone beyond the confines of the TV, with innovative outdoors campaigns. 
Even zebra crossings have not been left untouched by the marketing professionals of Colors in marketing the show
Besides the obvious ads on TV and on the big screen where we see Akshay Kumar performing unbelievable stunts, the marketing has featured live stunt by the actor on the eve of the launch of this edition of the show, illusions of fire on outdoor hoardings etc. It is obvious from the promotional activities that the channel has put in a lot of focus on its marketing and advertising campaigns with the efforts reaching from the simple to the outrageous. Even zebra crossings in the city have not been left untouched. 
They did not even let ice creams alone with Gelato launching the KKK flavoured ice creams called the KKK Torchaar flavor that will be available for a month. Then there is the print campaign and the radio campaign in partnership with Radio City. Besides that, the channels is also auctioning Akshay Kumar’s show gears like his autographed jacket and a skull finger ring of the show on eBay. The money from that will go to Concern India Foundation. There’s also live chat with the star done an exclusive tie up with Airtel for its subscribers. Then there are the Thumbs Up ads across the nations, which is natural considering that Akshay Kumar endorses the soft drink. 
That is not all, Akshay Kumar, on whom the entire marketing effort is focused on, has also lend his voice to sing for the title song of the show with a music video featuring around the song that will involve celebrity participants including women’s cricket captain Anjum Chopra, models Diana Soares, Alicia Raut and Poonam Pandey etc. 
All these activities are of course besides the marketing that is being done via social web where the Facebook fan page of the show has thousands of fans. 
Overall thus, KKK4, based on the internationally hit show ‘Fear Factor’ has become not only one of the most marketed shows in the history of Indian television, but also one which has been marketed via different mediums and in unique ways and methods. And therein lies a lesson for branding and advertising professionals in the country. 
Of course the show is backed by one of the most saleable star in the country, but this has not meant that the channel has sat doing nothing. Instead, it has just done the opposite, doing their best to market and advertise the program as best as they can in as many mediums as they could and in as innovative methods as possible. And there indeed lies the secret, to go beyond the obvious in marketing a product.