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Is Brand advertising losing its charm?
Is Brand advertising losing its charm?
By: iMedia News Bureau

We are constantly bombarded with plenty of advertisements on the TV. It is like Vodafone’s tagline that says, “Wherever you go, our network follows.” Earlier there were mainstream mediums that got the product going but now along with those old mediums there are many new and innovative media vehicles that are being used by the pundits of the advertising fraternity. However, the current scenario gives us a clear impression that it is only the products being marketed today and not the brand as a whole.

While there was a time, when brands paid some huge bucks to only glorify themselves and then their products or services. But today, it is mainly the opposite as brands or companies are more concerned about the products they serve and the services they offer. There is a rat-race of brands to capture the attention of the consumer much before their competitors. They leave no stone unturned to captivate that shopaholic’s perceptions and try their level best to change hi behavior.

There are just a handful of names today that are creating only brand awareness and not just making people aware about their offerings. For instance, Volkswagen’s TVC shows all its automobiles from the super cute and iconic ‘Beetle’ to the technological extravaganza ‘Passat’ and the car brought in by the brand for India ‘Polo’. The television commercial glorifies the brand and the different variants that it offers to its consumers. It is not specifically about one single car but it is about everything from the designs, technology and the innovation that Volkswagen offers.

Volkswagen has been marketing itself as a brand in its commercials


But what makes us think that brand advertising is losing its charm? Well, a simple reason for this thought is basically brands changing their appearances, their styles and their treatment with consumers. There was a time when international brand Starbucks used to advertise its coffee shops using the words ‘Starbucks Coffee’. However the new logo has changed many old perceptions and crated some new ones about the company. If media reports are to be believed, Starbucks is undergoing significant change and re-inventing itself from just a coffee company to a food and beverages organization.

Starbucks Coffee changed its logotype for its future plans

Today, if we see majority of the television commercials related to FMCG brands or other consumer durables firms, we see an interesting similarity between most of them. They are advertising about specific individual products or rather a specific variant or an addition in the product. Similar is the case with financial institutions like banks that have been marketing their new offers and schemes for their consumers. In recent years, banks have been advertising increasingly about offering loans, mutual funds and other benefits like over drafts, etc.

Probably another reason for brands to go digital is their ineffectiveness to meet the consumer satisfaction when it comes to simply marketing or advertising themselves and not their product for a change. Brands have been shelling out huge sums to build an emotional connect with the users on the digital space. Interaction or interactivity is at an all time high on Facebook, Twitter and a hundred other social networking websites. Every advertising campaign is carried out to provide a fantastic impact on consumers through the usage of unique creative themes, ideas, thoughts, tools and techniques.

Indeed, it is pretty eccentric that with all the innovations, the uniqueness that have taken place since ages, there have been hardly some brands who have had the concepts or the content to advertise, let alone the pros and cons of individual products and models. With brands expanding themselves with the help of the ever increasing product chain, it is only losing its knack to stand for anything substantial. It is now a product based world where brands are simply secondary and models or variants, or whatever term one uses, have taken primary importance in the consumer’s life.

 This is probably one explanation why the term ‘generic brand’ was coined. Like we all know, a generic brand is more or less a brand which becomes synonymous with the product. If this is the case, then we shall have a much bigger list of names like Kerosene, Colgate, Teflon, and Dunlop, etc. And with these progressions, the day will no be far off when there will be only products available without a definite brand name!