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iPad - A Problem For Brands or An Opportunity
iPad - A Problem For Brands or An Opportunity
By: iMedia News Bureau

iPad, ever since its launch a year back, has changed the rules of the game for brands and advertisers globally

It’s just been over a year since its debut, but the iPad has changed the rules of not just how people use their devices, but also how brands see and have to navigate digital advertising and marketing. That is obvious, considering that iPad has sold over 14 million devices in 2010 alone, and created a new product category, between mobile phones and laptops. Marketing professionals today are not sure where the iPad and advertising on it, fits into an already confused digital media space for them.

The most important thing that they need to remember when considering iPad is that though this creates a sort of initial confusion, the iPad, just like any other device, comes with its own inherent advantages and disadvantages. It is important for marketers to use the advantages of this new medium, while being wary of the disadvantages.

In an AdTech San Francisco session held in April, Mike Fischer, CMO of Coldwell Banker Real Estate described how his company succeeded with a full-page iPad ad which according to him generated engagement of more than one minute with an average of 11 pages viewed and ‘tap rates’ that were five times more than click through rates for online banners.

What is important to know is that even in a short life span iPad advertising has grown leaps and bounds. While the initial advertising buzzwords in the advertising circle of iPad ads was clean and simple ads, today video ads have their presence felt in the iPad, once again changing the game.

Just like iTunes once created a distribution channel for company podcasts and audio, the iPad is creating another distribution and advertising channel for different things, sharing content with consumers, advertising etc. Also, the way a consumer interacts with a iPad, is way different than one interacts with a static computer screen. The iPad brings the dynamism and personal space of a mobile phone, with the screen size of a laptop or a pc, a near perfect confluence, most of all, for advertisers who want to get more personal with their customers, something that the other devices couldn’t provide, or if they did provide, they did not have to screen size for effective communications.

The iPad, is thus a multimedia tool, that is changing not just the market for devices, but also the advertising and marketing fields. And there are different players across the world that are trying some cutting-edge advertising work on the iPad. Consider the case of Germany’s largest newsmagazine ‘Spiegel’. The intention of this experiment last year, was to find out what it was possible to do with a newsmagazine that is downloaded on the iPad, and the advertising that comes to it.

With no guidelines to follow they developed an app that used HTML5 and videos. The results can be seen in this link in three videos and a show all that is possible for brands and advertisers to manage on the iPad in terms of consumer connect.

Thus every new medium has its teething problems. But with every problem, comes a plethora of opportunities which those that are patient, will not only leverage on, but will benefit hugely from.