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On Your Toes And At Your Service Sir!!
On Your Toes And At Your Service Sir!!
By: iMedia News Bureau

Most of us would agree that old films and old songs have their own charisma. They are remembered and heard till date, also we often come across people saying “ab woh baat kahan”. Does this apply to our new era Television advertisements as well, surely on the longevity factor? Be it the in effectiveness or market conditions and/or competition or the cost factor. We still see some of the ads being the winning baby of these conditions but some just fall flat. Are we here to debate the old and the new, yes changing times have shown us a number of great shifting trends, several for the good but a few….

In the novel Brave New World, Aldous Huxley portrays a futuristic world to the readers, enabling them to compare the present society to the future culture. Similarly, by analyzing the ads of 1950's and the 21st Century, we can compare the societies of the past and the present.

In olden times when we used to watch ads between the films, television serials and cricket matches at the same time they were annoying, but they give the real pleasure when you see them again after 10- 12 years. Very similar to the movies and music of that time which came and stayed for ever. Everything had an impact on the audiences as everything was easy going and laid back, competition existed but creative geniuses had enough time to think and come up with campaigns that were everlasting.

Famous lalita ji surf commercial [still taught as a cult example of a good ad], old rasna ad ‘I Love You Rasna’ became the rage , Cadbury perk ad by Preity Zinta, the vibrancy and joy of the ad touched each and every body, young or old. The advertisements were full of wit, creativity and punch, which had become part of our lives. Brevity, simplicity and longevity are the catchwords that define famous ads. They still do but now the marketers as well as the ad makers have this additional pressure of adding few more adjectives to current ad business, making it crisp, concise and direct. These seem to be small words but making ads on these guidelines is no cake walk.

Today it’s not about one ad or a single TV spot or radio slot for that matter, its creating an ad campaign which has series of messages that share a single idea and theme which make up an Integrated Marketing Communication and it has to appear in different media across a specific time frame. The campaign theme is usually developed with the intention of being used for a substantial period but many of them are short lived due to factors such as cut throat competition, lacking impact, market scenario or marketing mix. The vast majority of television ads today consist of brief ad spots. The cost factor is also involved along with the fact that now the audiences are exposed to extensive media including the traditional and new media which give marketers a run for their money; they just can’t choose any one or neglect some.

Rivalry between Pepsi and Coke has given us some very creative advertisements in today’s time. Happy dent white ad was appreciated in the recent times but that also ran under many controversies. The photoflash version, cow teeth version were short and crisp way to skillfully reveal the benefits of a brand. How can we forget Zoozoos, undersized ads integrated the services of the brands so beautifully. Vodafone has revived and shown that one great idea could be resurrected and portrayed differently to create magic.

The point is that you are constantly judged. You are not only competing with the rivals but your own previous campaigns trying to better all the time. Awareness among the masses is to a level where they can’t be fooled so on your toes and at your service sir! And just not to forget EVERYWHERE!!